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Corneal Consult

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A Cultural Divide  3/15/2018

When managing possible microbial keratitis, the first critical step in determining treatment is deciding whether you should culture the ulcer or not.
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MK: A Stealthy Opponent  2/15/2018

Differentiating microbial keratitis isn’t always cut-and-dry. These tips can help.
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Treating Herpes Simplex Virus  11/15/2017

Round out your HSV know-how by mastering its treatment.
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Watch Out for HSV Endotheliitis  9/15/2017

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) can affect the anterior cornea in a wide variety of patterns. Dendritic disease sets up the cornea for the many manifestations of inflammatory herpes stromal keratitis (HSK). However, once dendritic disease has occurred, the posterior cornea may just as easily become involved. The posterior cornea is a big target and its involvement presents so differently from its ...
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Don’t Let HSK Heterogeneity Fool You  5/15/2017

Although it’s estimated that roughly 20% of patients with herpes simplex virus (HSV) keratitis will develop herpes stromal keratitis (HSK), I’d estimate 50% of HSV patients referred to our cornea clinic from ODs have HSK. This suggests we are more comfortable identifying and treating dendritic keratitis than we are with HSK. And it’s not surprising, given ...
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Dendrites: Misdiagnosis Not Permitted  3/15/2017

Their presence could play an important role in diagnosing and treating herpetic disease.
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A New Year, a New Look at the Cornea  2/15/2017

Learning to recognize the processes that govern corneal health and function will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of pathologies and their treatments.
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Treating the Ocular Surface: Resistance is Futile  9/15/2016

The human microbiome supports our existence, but it also serves as the source of infection. Resistance is on the rise, and clinicians have to prescribe carefully. 
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Complications from a Corneal Issue  4/15/2016

How should one respond when immune deficiency disrupts the corneal healing response?
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The Case of the Finicky Fungus  2/15/2016

Treating with antibacterial drugs can be tempting when presented with an acute infection. First make sure the agent matches the organism.
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When the Going Gets Tough  11/15/2015

How do you handle a complex bacterial complication from a simple LASIK procedure?
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Managing Acute Corneal Hydrops in Keratoconus  4/15/2015

Using a structured approach to determine which factors impede healing will lead to success with these often challenging scenarios.
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