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Advances in Understanding Tear Film Dynamics  11/15/2016

Let’s gain some perspective on the components, modalities and methodology of dry eye.
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Solving Scleral Contact Lens Induced Pingueculitis  11/15/2016

The simplest option is often the best solution.
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Taking Torics to the Top  11/15/2016

Fitting toric lenses has become increasingly straightforward and now presents a viable option for myriad contact lens wearers.
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When to Opt for Scleral Lenses  11/15/2016

Irregular cornea patients in particular can enjoy the many benefits that accompany fitting scleral lenses.

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Beat the Blepharitis Blues  10/15/2016

To understand and treat this common lid condition, make sure you’re clear on its many different presentations.
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How Lid Malposition Can Compromise Contact Lens Wear  10/15/2016

Keep these conditions in mind to prevent or rectify potential obstacles to a successful fit.
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How Would You Handle These Refractive Surgery Controversies?  10/15/2016

Despite the procedure’s popularity, some issues still remain. How should you address them?
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Lids, Friction and Contact Lens Wear  10/15/2016

Does a relatively new phenomenon help explain contact lens discomfort?


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The Chicken-and-Egg Problem of MGD and Contact Lens Wear  10/15/2016

Which came first, the dysfunction or the discomfort? Researchers aren’t sure, but clinicians need to manage them simultaneously.


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Antibiotics in Practice: Use, Don’t Abuse  9/15/2016

Resistant bacterial strains challenge eye doctors to be judicious in treatment. Here are several key trends to heed when setting a regimen.

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Managing Contact Lens-Related Bacterial Infections  9/15/2016

When a patient at risk presents, how do you keep them free of problems?

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Targeted and Timely: The New Model of Dry Eye Care  9/15/2016

Point-of-care tests and advanced diagnostic imaging are helping doctors tackle it faster and more precisely than ever before.

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Building a Foundation for a Better Future: ARVO 2016 Abstract Review  6/15/2016

An expert weighs in on new ideas in the field of cornea and contact lens care.
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Case Report: Look Before You Judge  6/15/2016

The most unique cases sometimes present as the most mundane.
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Contact Lens Use After Corneal Crosslinking  6/15/2016

An irregular cornea patient presents needing better vision following a corneal stabilization procedure. What do you do?
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Fitting Rigid Lenses After Refractive Surgery  6/15/2016

Corneal and scleral GP lenses cover the ‘last mile’ for patients who need correction after LASIK and PRK.
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Medically Necessary Contact Lenses: Medical Plan or Vision Plan Responsibility?  6/15/2016

Do you know how to work with insurance companies to achieve the biggest bang for your buck?
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Unusual Clinical Cases in Orthokeratology  6/15/2016

For the right patient, these lenses may be life-changing. Two challenging cases provide insights into the fitting process.
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What Corneal Shape Reveals About Corneal Health  5/22/2016

Mapping the irregular cornea reveals much about disease status and its amenability to treatment. Here’s a review.
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A Vision Correction Roadmap for Keratoconus  5/15/2016

Follow along as an expert explains how to get these patients to 20/20.
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Bringing Clarity to Keratoconus  5/15/2016

Corneal thinning and its effects on vision and eye health remains an extremely complex topic; however, recent consensus reports have helped to answer some of the more vexing questions. 
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Corneal Crosslinking: Reshaping Keratoconus Management  5/15/2016

This long-awaited procedure strengthens collagen bonds to stabilize the cornea. Recent technological advances seek to make the treatment faster and more customizable.
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Surgical Management of Keratoconus: Battle of the Bulge  5/15/2016

Corrective lenses can serve patients well for years, but a lasting solution may require a trip to the OR.
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Off on the Right Foot: Preparing the Patient for Scleral Lens Wear  4/15/2016

Are you fitting a first-timer? Keep these tips in mind for a smoother process.
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