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Irregular Cornea

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Crocodile Rock  9/15/2017

An 81-year-old male presented with a 60-year history of aphakia OU secondary to idiopathic crystalline lens dislocations. He was referred over concerns about corneal edema and whether he should discontinue wear of his gas permeable contact lenses. Click below for a closer look at this case. 
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An Abnormal Cornea: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words  3/15/2017

Assessing corneal shape and integrity can be tricky, but the right tools can make all the difference when diagnosing corneal disease.
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STUMPED: Demystifying Congenital Corneal Anomalies  3/15/2017

Understanding the history of corneal anomalies and where they occur are important steps in preventing long-term complications.
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The Right Lens for a Corneal Scar  2/15/2017

It’s not easy fitting a five-year-old with a specialty lens to correct irregular astigmatism.
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News  11/15/2016

Researchers recently examined how preoperative characteristics impact the outcomes of corneal collagen crosslinking (CXL) in pediatric patients and found that the thinnest baseline corneal thickness impacts the success rate of CXL after two-year follow up.
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Solving Scleral Contact Lens Induced Pingueculitis  11/15/2016

The simplest option is often the best solution.
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Building a Foundation for a Better Future: ARVO 2016 Abstract Review  6/15/2016

An expert weighs in on new ideas in the field of cornea and contact lens care.
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Medically Necessary Contact Lenses: Medical Plan or Vision Plan Responsibility?  6/15/2016

Do you know how to work with insurance companies to achieve the biggest bang for your buck?
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Bringing Clarity to Keratoconus  5/15/2016

Corneal thinning and its effects on vision and eye health remains an extremely complex topic; however, recent consensus reports have helped to answer some of the more vexing questions. 
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Corneal Crosslinking: Reshaping Keratoconus Management  5/15/2016

This long-awaited procedure strengthens collagen bonds to stabilize the cornea. Recent technological advances seek to make the treatment faster and more customizable.
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Link Between Axial Myopia and Keratoconus Questioned  5/15/2016

A previously-held belief may require more study. 
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Look Beyond the Slit Lamp  5/15/2016

Are you doing everything you can to make life easier for your keratoconus patients?
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Steep Competition  5/15/2016

With so many lens options, what should you choose to manage keratoconus? Take a look.

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Surgical Management of Keratoconus: Battle of the Bulge  5/15/2016

Corrective lenses can serve patients well for years, but a lasting solution may require a trip to the OR.
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Scleral Lenses in Action: Solving Problems with Specialty Lenses  4/15/2016

These lenses are good for more than just the irregular cornea. Five cases illustrate their potential.
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Scleral Lens Fitting: Once Rare, Now Routine?  3/15/2016

As these specialty lenses continue to gain in popularity, should they be adopted for wear in uncomplicated cases as well?
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Corneal Diameter Affects Postoperative Astigmatism  2/15/2016

Researchers indicate a new factor to consider prior to surgery.
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Putting it On the Map: Fitting Rigid Lenses Using Corneal Topography  2/15/2016

Familiarizing yourself with corneal mapping can lead to more success with your GP contact lens patients.
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Corneal Astigmatism Correction During Cataract Surgery  11/15/2015

Surgeons have more options—and decisions—than ever before.
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Considering Keratitis: Critical Questions in Disease Management  10/10/2015

Your approach to these four clinical challenges will influence the course of therapy and its outcome.
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Accelerated CXL Protocol, New Imaging Aid Keratoconus Care  10/1/2015

A new surgical procedure may improve keratoconus treatment.
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The Evolution of Keratoconus Care  6/15/2015

Researchers and practitioners alike continue to make advances toward better treatment of this progressive disease. Here’s a look at the current state of affairs. 

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Cyclosporine — Not Just for Dry Eye?  5/15/2015

Literature suggests this immunosuppressant may be suited to treat more conditions than you might think.
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Age and Astigmatic VA: No Link  4/15/2015

Does age influence visual acuity in the presence of defocus and astigmatic blur?
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