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The Prospect of Antimicrobial Lenses  3/15/2018

Scientists, manufacturers and clinicians are always looking for ways to minimize the occurrence of infection in contact lens wearers. One initiative that receives attention from time to time is the use of antimicrobial surfaces on contact lenses and lens cases to reduce the risk of microbial keratitis.
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The Clinical Implications of DEWS II  2/15/2018

This past July, TFOS released the second DEWS report (DEWS II), which expands on everything learned from the past 10 years of research. Here are some important aspects of DEWS II and the clinical implications they bring.
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Gut Instinct  11/15/2017

New research details the relationship between microbiota and the eye. Here’s what you should know.
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Report Your Adverse Events to the FDA  9/15/2017

When was the last time you reported a corneal ulcer from lens wear or a severe keratopathy secondary to inadvertent hydrogen peroxide instillation prior to neutralization to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? The answer is likely never. Fortunately, sight-threatening experiences in contact lens wearers are relatively rare. But when they do occur, there is little tolerance by the affected ...
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Passive Verification Doesn’t Work  5/15/2017

It’s been over a decade since the Federal Trade Commission mandated the Contact Lens Rule. Its intent is to allow patients the right to purchase contact lenses from the seller of their choice, whether a health care provider or other source, including online. The intentions are worthy. However, most of us would agree that it just doesn’t work in its current ...

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Amniotic Membrane: A Game-changer?  3/15/2017

Perhaps no corneal condition is more vexing than recurrent corneal erosion (RCE). While the causes vary, the treatment options have remained virtually unchanged for quite some time, at least until recently. Today, amniotic membranes have gained popularity as an alternate treatment for RCE.
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Get to Know Your Genes  2/15/2017

One day, genetic testing and gene therapy may help patients avoid corneal disease altogether.
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A Look at the Androgen Connection  11/15/2016

The elaborate tear film ecosystem has to maintain its own delicate balance, despite influences from many outside sources and intrinsic characteristics. Dry eye is one such condition to disrupt the balance, giving rise to its newer moniker,dysfunctional tear film. It likely results from a host of factors, including hormone imbalance. 
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MMWR and Contact Lens Alerts  10/15/2016

Timely information on these issues is at our fingertips, thanks to the CDC.


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Understanding the Contact Lens Prescription Release Legislation  9/15/2016

The next step in a legislative confrontation may mean better protection for lens wearers.
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Corneal Crosslinking: Its Time Has Come  6/15/2016

Though the main treatment for ectasia remains contact lens use, a new procedure could ease the fitting ordeal.

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Look Beyond the Slit Lamp  5/15/2016

Are you doing everything you can to make life easier for your keratoconus patients?
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Big Gains for Big Lenses  4/15/2016

Though sclerals are widely used today, is there any peril to their growing popularity? 

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Contact Lens Biosensors: Finding the Holy Grail?  3/15/2016

“Data on demand” could revolutionize the care of patients with diabetes or glaucoma.
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This Year, Strive to Avoid Stress  2/15/2016

If you are like most of us, decreasing tension in 2016 is a laudable New Years' resolution.
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Generic Drugs: More Than Meets the Eye?  11/15/2015

Not all drugs are created equal. Be aware of these potential differences.
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Failure to Communicate  10/1/2015

The CDC's latest MMWR reveals that contact lens compliance is embarrassingly low. What can we do about it?
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The Myopia Menace  9/15/2015

The recent passing of Professor Brien Holden highlights the continuing need for myopia research.
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Neuropathic Pain and Depression in Dry Eye Sufferers  6/15/2015

The connection between ocular surface disease and certain negative stimuli may be greater than previously thought. 

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Is Google Making Us Stupid?  5/15/2015

The ubiquity of information online is both a blessing and a curse. How much knowledge is too much?
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Getting Serious About OSD  4/15/2015

We have made huge strides in understanding dry eye disease, with more on the way.
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