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Out of the Box

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Four Keys to Building Your Practice  11/15/2016

These commonalities indicate you are ready to venture out on your own—and that you will be successful when you do.

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Brand Yourself, and They Will Come  10/15/2016

This requires work, but is much more valuable to the growth and sustainability of your practice than just about anything else.


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Keeping Contact Lens Care In-House  9/15/2016

There’s no substitute for your clinical expertise—so don’t let patients find one. Make sure they know to contact you any time questions arise.
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Making the Best of It  6/15/2016

Sometimes the situation does not go the best way it can. Here’s how the right attitude can make the difference for your patients.
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To Do or Not to Do  4/15/2016

Start something new or stop doing something old? A three-question test to determine the right answer.
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Are You Allergic to Change?  3/15/2016

While getting past certain barriers to practice-building can take some effort, long-term benefits are worth it. 
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What's in a Name?  2/15/2016

Even the smallest changes in how your staff members present themselves to patients can have the biggest impact.
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Reach Out  11/15/2015

Want to increase revenue for your contact lens practice? Aim for the sky.
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A Sticky Situation  10/1/2015

These tips can help ensure a consistent presentation among all staff members.
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Blinded by the Light?  9/15/2015

Just because something works once doesn’t mean that it always will, or that it could never be surpassed by something even better.
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Got a Plan?  6/15/2015

A business plan for your practice, that is.
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Band Together  5/15/2015

Here’s how an everyday rubber band will make your patients better contact lens wearers—and increase practice profits.

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