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Practice Management

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A Hidden Opportunity  3/15/2018

To improve contact lens comfort, we must find strategies to optimize the ocular surface; based on recent reports, the eyelids might be a good place to start looking.
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Coding for Medically Necessary Contact Lenses  3/15/2018

New technologies we would like to offer our patients may be out of reach due to blurred lines between medical and refractive coverage.
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News  2/15/2018

More than a year after proposing changes to the Contact Lens Rule, the Federal Trade Commission is answering pushback from the American Optometric Association, lawmakers, practitioners and other advocates with a public Contact Lens Rule Workshop on March 7 in Washington, DC. 
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The Clinical Implications of DEWS II  2/15/2018

This past July, TFOS released the second DEWS report (DEWS II), which expands on everything learned from the past 10 years of research. Here are some important aspects of DEWS II and the clinical implications they bring.
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Gut Instinct  11/15/2017

New research details the relationship between microbiota and the eye. Here’s what you should know.
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Report Your Adverse Events to the FDA  9/15/2017

When was the last time you reported a corneal ulcer from lens wear or a severe keratopathy secondary to inadvertent hydrogen peroxide instillation prior to neutralization to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? The answer is likely never. Fortunately, sight-threatening experiences in contact lens wearers are relatively rare. But when they do occur, there is little tolerance by the affected ...
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Passive Verification Doesn’t Work  5/15/2017

It’s been over a decade since the Federal Trade Commission mandated the Contact Lens Rule. Its intent is to allow patients the right to purchase contact lenses from the seller of their choice, whether a health care provider or other source, including online. The intentions are worthy. However, most of us would agree that it just doesn’t work in its current ...

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Combating Online Contact Lens Sales  2/15/2017

We must stand together to protect healthy vision and responsible enterprise.
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Four Keys to Building Your Practice  11/15/2016

These commonalities indicate you are ready to venture out on your own—and that you will be successful when you do.

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Brand Yourself, and They Will Come  10/15/2016

This requires work, but is much more valuable to the growth and sustainability of your practice than just about anything else.


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Keeping Contact Lens Care In-House  9/15/2016

There’s no substitute for your clinical expertise—so don’t let patients find one. Make sure they know to contact you any time questions arise.
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Understanding the Contact Lens Prescription Release Legislation  9/15/2016

The next step in a legislative confrontation may mean better protection for lens wearers.
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Making the Best of It  6/15/2016

Sometimes the situation does not go the best way it can. Here’s how the right attitude can make the difference for your patients.
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Medically Necessary Contact Lenses: Medical Plan or Vision Plan Responsibility?  6/15/2016

Do you know how to work with insurance companies to achieve the biggest bang for your buck?
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Boost Your Contact Lens Fits With Help from Your Staff  5/15/2016

A group effort can mean a stronger, more informed choice.
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Look Beyond the Slit Lamp  5/15/2016

Are you doing everything you can to make life easier for your keratoconus patients?
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Off on the Right Foot: Preparing the Patient for Scleral Lens Wear  4/15/2016

Are you fitting a first-timer? Keep these tips in mind for a smoother process.
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To Do or Not to Do  4/15/2016

Start something new or stop doing something old? A three-question test to determine the right answer.
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Are You Allergic to Change?  3/15/2016

While getting past certain barriers to practice-building can take some effort, long-term benefits are worth it. 
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Forward Thinking: Where Can New Lenses Lead Your Practice?  2/15/2016

From sclerals to daily disposables and tinted lenses, new designs can add to your practice if you're willing to change your mindset.
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This Year, Strive to Avoid Stress  2/15/2016

If you are like most of us, decreasing tension in 2016 is a laudable New Years' resolution.
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What's in a Name?  2/15/2016

Even the smallest changes in how your staff members present themselves to patients can have the biggest impact.
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Playing the Field: How Manufacturers Can Help You  11/15/2015

Having trouble fitting GP lenses in your practice? Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the outside.
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Reach Out  11/15/2015

Want to increase revenue for your contact lens practice? Aim for the sky.
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