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RGP Lenses

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Avoid the Near Miss  3/15/2018

Gas permeable (GP) multifocals can provide superior vision compared with their soft lens counterparts. And while fitting GP multifocal lenses can seem intimidating, understanding these concepts can help you get started on a path to success.
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Back at Square One—With a Twist  3/15/2018

When an irregular cornea patient no longer achieves optimal vision with standard soft contact lenses, it’s time to take a step back and consider all of the options, including rigid gas permeable, scleral and specialty soft lenses.
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Freedom on Your Fingertip: GP, Hybrid and Scleral Multifocals  3/15/2018

While GP lenses provide unique advantages and disadvantages, two key concepts are fundamental to multifocal GP lenses.
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CLD? Consider Ortho-K  2/15/2018

Although seldom considered, orthokeratology (ortho-K) is another viable option to prevent discomfort and subsequent discontinuation of contact lens wear.
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Double Trouble in Keratoconus  2/15/2018

Typically, patients with significant lenticular astigmatism are not the best candidates for non-toric rigid gas permeable lenses (RGPs). However, RGPs are often ideal for patients with keratoconus—leaving the clinician with some tough decisions when it comes to fitting contact lenses for patients with both conditions.
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Sclerals: A Blueprint for Beginners  2/15/2018

Not only have scleral lenses altered the landscape of custom and specialty lenses, they have begun to compete with mainstream contact lens options. This beginner blueprint can help you get started fitting scleral lenses in your practice.
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Managing Corneal GP Complications  11/15/2017

Become a troubleshooting master and your GP lens patients will reap the benefits.

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Expand Your Horizons: Think GPs for Presbyopes  9/15/2017

This article reviews multifocal GP lens designs, including new hybrid and scleral multifocal options, and how to best incorporate them in everyday optometric practice.
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Fitting CLs Post Trabeculectomy  9/15/2017

The number of patients diagnosed with glaucoma is expected to exceed 70 million by 2020. When pharmacological or laser treatments fail to control intraocular pressure, surgical options such as trabeculectomy can be effective. But what happens when these patients need contact lenses? To prevent fibrosis, the conjunctiva above the bleb is usually treated with mitomycin C or 5-FU, both of which can ...
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Overcoming GP Lens Obstacles  9/15/2017

Research shows GP lenses can provide superior vision quality compared with soft lenses. Let’s address a few reservations practitioners may have.
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Sclerals & GPs: How to Build a Better Lens Fitting Experience  9/15/2017

Scleral and gas permeable contact lenses have opened up a new realm of possibilities to provide patients with improved vision correction and relief for dryness, so it’s no surprise practitioner interest is booming. 
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Starting Up with GPs: Use Your Resources  9/15/2017

Here is a closer look at what’s out there to help practitioners add GP lenses to their repertoires. 

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Three GP Lenses to Grow Your Practice  9/15/2017

When we started out in practice, gas permeable (GP) lenses were a mainstay. Practitioners readily fit everyday patients for them, and both practitioners and patients saw them as normal. However, over the last 10 years, opinions surrounding GP lenses have shifted. For example, many patients and practitioners began to overlook the benefits of GP lenses as a result of the increased availability of ...
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Deterring Discomfort Dropouts  5/15/2017

Eye care professionals battle contact lens discomfort (CLD) management on a daily basis. According to one survey about discontinuation of contact lens wear, 45% of those surveyed dropped out of wear within the first year, and 47% cited discomfort as the primary reason for dropping out. Studies show that nearly 15% to 30% of contact lens wearers drop out each year. One ...

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Refractive Surgery Fallout: GPs to the Rescue  3/15/2017

Gas permeable lenses are an effective option for overcoming refractive surgery  complications.
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Specialty Contact Lenses: Treat Your Keratoconus Patients Right  3/15/2017

Here’s an in-depth look at the wide range of options now available.
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Treating Infantile Aphakia: Think GPs  2/15/2017

This lens modality is a great alternative to soft contact lens correction.
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The Toric Toolbox: Don’t Forget GPs  11/15/2016

To bolster confidence, let’s review the basics of toric GP fitting.
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Don’t Forget to Check the Lids  10/15/2016

While always important to lens wear, the eyelids also play a vital role in GP lens success.
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Case Report: Look Before You Judge  6/15/2016

The most unique cases sometimes present as the most mundane.
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Fitting Rigid Lenses After Refractive Surgery  6/15/2016

Corneal and scleral GP lenses cover the ‘last mile’ for patients who need correction after LASIK and PRK.
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Springtime for Sclerals  3/15/2016

Once considered antiquated, this design has recently flourished as a way to help patients with ocular surface disease. 
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Good Chemistry  2/15/2016

Are you up to date on pairing GP lenses and solutions? Here's a look at what makes a perfect match.
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Solution Savers  2/15/2016

Lens care can make or break the contact lens experience for patients. Here's how to tip the odds in favor of success.
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