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The Prospect of Antimicrobial Lenses  3/15/2018

Scientists, manufacturers and clinicians are always looking for ways to minimize the occurrence of infection in contact lens wearers. One initiative that receives attention from time to time is the use of antimicrobial surfaces on contact lenses and lens cases to reduce the risk of microbial keratitis.
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Contact Lenses and Comfort: It’s a Material World  5/15/2017

Influenced by clinical feedback that discomfort is the number one cause of dropout, the latest contact lenses have evolved significantly to improve ocular comfort. Researchers have been trying to improve comfort by increasing water content, decreasing the modulus, lowering contact angle hysteresis and adding surface coatings and plasma treatments. They are also unsure if lubricity is the ...

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Highlights from ARVO 2017: Abstract Review  5/15/2017

It’s a fast-paced world, for sure. Health care is advancing daily, and we—and our patients—continue to enjoy the fruits of researchers’ labors. Recently, investigators presented a full year’s worth of findings at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology’s (ARVO) meeting, held in Baltimore. Don’t you ...

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Seeing the Cornea with OCT Eyes  3/15/2017

This diagnostic tool can provide advanced analysis of the anterior segment, corneal pachymetry and more.
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Take a New Look at Colored Lenses  3/15/2017

New colored contact lens modalities and expanded technologies offer opportunities for both patient care and practice growth.
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Corneal Collagen Crosslinking: Not Just for Adults  2/15/2017

Treatment plans for pediatric patients with keratoconus may get an upgrade soon with this newly approved technology.
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Get to Know Your Genes  2/15/2017

One day, genetic testing and gene therapy may help patients avoid corneal disease altogether.
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Targeted and Timely: The New Model of Dry Eye Care  9/15/2016

Point-of-care tests and advanced diagnostic imaging are helping doctors tackle it faster and more precisely than ever before.

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What Corneal Shape Reveals About Corneal Health  5/22/2016

Mapping the irregular cornea reveals much about disease status and its amenability to treatment. Here’s a review.
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Corneal Crosslinking: Reshaping Keratoconus Management  5/15/2016

This long-awaited procedure strengthens collagen bonds to stabilize the cornea. Recent technological advances seek to make the treatment faster and more customizable.
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Contact Lens Biosensors: Finding the Holy Grail?  3/15/2016

“Data on demand” could revolutionize the care of patients with diabetes or glaucoma.
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Springtime for Sclerals  3/15/2016

Once considered antiquated, this design has recently flourished as a way to help patients with ocular surface disease. 
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Putting it On the Map: Fitting Rigid Lenses Using Corneal Topography  2/15/2016

Familiarizing yourself with corneal mapping can lead to more success with your GP contact lens patients.
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Playing the Field: How Manufacturers Can Help You  11/15/2015

Having trouble fitting GP lenses in your practice? Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the outside.
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ARVO 2015 Report: Bridging Research & Practice  6/15/2015

Our picks for 20 of this year's most clinically relevant papers in the field of cornea and contact lenses.
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Diagnostic Imaging Technology for Corneal Analysis  6/15/2015

Do you know the latest options for precisely evaluating the cornea?

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The Fight Against Discomfort: Innovations in Daily Disposables  6/15/2015

New lens materials and technologies are making their way into the market. Here's a refresher on the latest available to your patients.
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A 'Coherent' Strategy for Fitting Scleral Lenses  5/15/2015

OCT: It's not just for retina anymore!
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In Brief  5/15/2015

Here's a snapshot of what it happening in the industry.
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Is Google Making Us Stupid?  5/15/2015

The ubiquity of information online is both a blessing and a curse. How much knowledge is too much?
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Getting Serious About OSD  4/15/2015

We have made huge strides in understanding dry eye disease, with more on the way.
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The Great Silicone Cover Up  4/15/2015

A new lens surfacing option improves wettability and lubricity. How does it work?
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