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The Big Picture

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Burning Questions  3/15/2018

This 54-year-old man experienced an alkali burn while lowering a stainless steel die coated in aluminum particles into a tank containing sodium hydroxide. 
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Breaching the Border  2/15/2018

A 47-year-old male presented with a red, irritated left eye one month after being fit in scleral lenses to address visual disturbances from post-LASIK ectasia. He was diagnosed with herpes simplex virus (HSV) limbitis/stromal keratitis and started on fluorometholone (FML, Allergan) and valacyclovir (Valtrex, GlaxoSmithKline), both BID.
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Rubbed the Wrong Way  11/15/2017

Complications developed after epithelial debridement in a routine crosslinking procedure.
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Crocodile Rock  9/15/2017

An 81-year-old male presented with a 60-year history of aphakia OU secondary to idiopathic crystalline lens dislocations. He was referred over concerns about corneal edema and whether he should discontinue wear of his gas permeable contact lenses. Click below for a closer look at this case. 
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Too Much of a Good Thing  5/15/2017

A 74-year-old female with a >20-year history of Sj√∂gren’s syndrome, epithelial basement membrane dystrophy and repeated episodes of recurrent erosions of the left cornea presented with a three-month history of decreased vision, foreign body sensation with discomfort, irritation and photophobia OS.

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Double Trouble?  3/15/2017

Suspected amoebic infection plus fungal superinfection—in a diabetes patient, no less.
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Retained PK Sutures  2/15/2017

This graft patient showed suture fragments on follow-up. Is it a cause for concern?
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