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Is a Sustained Medication Delivery System on the Horizon?  10/15/2016

Research reveals latanoprost-eluting contact lenses may one day replace daily eye drops. 


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News Review  10/15/2016

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.
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An Antibacterial Q&A  9/15/2016

New antibiotics are scarce—here’s why, and what’s being done about it.
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Managing Contact Lens-Related Bacterial Infections  9/15/2016

When a patient at risk presents, how do you keep them free of problems?

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Brimonidine Breakup  6/15/2016

Consider these alternative uses for this common glaucoma treatment.
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Building a Foundation for a Better Future: ARVO 2016 Abstract Review  6/15/2016

An expert weighs in on new ideas in the field of cornea and contact lens care.
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Recycling Cyclosporine  6/15/2016

New formulations of an old drug may mean better treatments for dry eye. 
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Complications from a Corneal Issue  4/15/2016

How should one respond when immune deficiency disrupts the corneal healing response?
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Understanding Ophthalmic Antihistamines and Histamine Receptors  3/15/2016

Experts discuss the complex mechanics of the human allergic reaction.
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Promising New Dry Eye Therapy  3/15/2016

Human cells could hold a another potential dry eye treatment.

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Dextenza on Deck  2/15/2016

Could the latest approach to steroid therapy conquer noncompliance once and for all?
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The Case of the Finicky Fungus  2/15/2016

Treating with antibacterial drugs can be tempting when presented with an acute infection. First make sure the agent matches the organism.
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Lifitegrast in Limbo  11/15/2015

The FDA recently requested more data on this investigational dry eye drug. What’s known—and what’s next?
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Contact Lenses Further Dilute Topical Drops  11/15/2015

Certain contact lens materials may inhibit treatment of ocular surface disease.
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Generic Drugs: More Than Meets the Eye?  11/15/2015

Not all drugs are created equal. Be aware of these potential differences.
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The Never-ending Story  11/15/2015

When we already struggle with patient compliance, how are we going to get patients to add even more steps?
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Topical Presbyopia Correction Takes a Step  11/15/2015

Eye drops may one day compete with lenses.
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When the Going Gets Tough  11/15/2015

How do you handle a complex bacterial complication from a simple LASIK procedure?
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Keeping the Bugs at Bay: Fungi and Protozoa in Contact Lens Wearers  10/1/2015

Managing these infections can be challenging. Here's a breakdown of the most important points to remember.

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The Myopia Menace  9/15/2015

The recent passing of Professor Brien Holden highlights the continuing need for myopia research.
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Growth Hormone Key to Corneal Wound Healing?  6/15/2015

Human growth hormone may accelerate reepithelialization.
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The Pesky Presbyope  6/15/2015

Patients wearing multifocals are just as apt to experience problems as those wearing single vision lenses. But the solutions they need are entirely different.
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Treating Dry Eye with Lactoferrin-Loaded Lenses  6/15/2015

Lactoferrin delivery could help prevent the effects of oxidative stress on the tear fluid.

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