Corneal Consult

A Disease in Disguise

Acanthamoeba keratitis may resemble other conditions, making it difficult to catch early enough to preserve visual function.

Fungal Ulcers: Missed and Misunderstood

They may be less common, but they’re also more severe.

What’s Better for MK, One or Two?

Fluoroquinolone monotherapy can be just as effective as dual therapy for these cases.

A Cultural Divide

Many ODs prefer empiric MK treatment to culturing, but this approach could be risky.

MK: A Stealthy Opponent

Differentiating microbial keratitis isn’t always cut-and-dry. These tips can help.

Treating Herpes Simplex Virus

Round out your HSV know-how by mastering its treatment.

Watch Out for HSV Endotheliitis

If you only consider dendritic HSV or HSK, you could be missing out on this clinical entity.

Don’t Let HSK Heterogeneity Fool You

Its highly variable nature often thwarts diagnosis and complicates treatment.

Dendrites: Misdiagnosis Not Permitted

Their presence could play an important role in diagnosing and treating herpetic disease.

A New Year, a New Look at the Cornea

Learning to recognize the processes that govern corneal health and function will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of pathologies and their treatments.