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Featured Articles

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Coding for Medically Necessary Contact Lenses 3/15/2018

New technologies we would like to offer our patients may be out of reach due to blurred lines between medical and refractive coverage.
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Freedom on Your Fingertip: GP, Hybrid and Scleral Multifocals 3/15/2018

While GP lenses provide unique advantages and disadvantages, two key concepts are fundamental to multifocal GP lenses.
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Presbyopia Eye Drops are in Sight 3/15/2018

The prospect of topical treatment for presbyopia is real and on the horizon.
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Presbyopia: The State of Surgical Correction 3/15/2018

Several newly approved options show potential to earn back clinician trust.
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Succeeding with Soft Multifocals 3/15/2018

Today’s multifocal designs are much improved from earlier generations. Here's how to use them to your advantage.

The GP Experts

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Avoid the Near Miss 3/15/2018

Gas permeable (GP) multifocals can provide superior vision compared with their soft lens counterparts. And while fitting GP multifocal lenses can seem intimidating, understanding these concepts can help you get started on a path to success.

The Big Picture

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Burning Questions 3/15/2018

This 54-year-old man experienced an alkali burn while lowering a stainless steel die coated in aluminum particles into a tank containing sodium hydroxide. 

Practice Progress

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A Hidden Opportunity 3/15/2018

To improve contact lens comfort, we must find strategies to optimize the ocular surface; based on recent reports, the eyelids might be a good place to start looking.


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News 3/15/2018

Several recent studies have addressed orthokeratology (ortho-K) and its effects on ocular physiology.

My Perspective

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The Prospect of Antimicrobial Lenses 3/15/2018

Scientists, manufacturers and clinicians are always looking for ways to minimize the occurrence of infection in contact lens wearers. One initiative that receives attention from time to time is the use of antimicrobial surfaces on contact lenses and lens cases to reduce the risk of microbial keratitis.

Fitting Challenges

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Back at Square One—With a Twist 3/15/2018

When an irregular cornea patient no longer achieves optimal vision with standard soft contact lenses, it’s time to take a step back and consider all of the options, including rigid gas permeable, scleral and specialty soft lenses.

Corneal Consult

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A Cultural Divide 3/15/2018

When managing possible microbial keratitis, the first critical step in determining treatment is deciding whether you should culture the ulcer or not.
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