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Managing the Complex Allergic Reaction 3/22/2016

Understanding the pathophysiology of ocular allergic responses is paramount to determining optimal therapy. Here's a review.
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Understanding Ophthalmic Antihistamines and Histamine Receptors 3/15/2016 12:00:00 PM

Experts discuss the complex mechanics of the human allergic reaction.
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Double Trouble: When Allergy and Dry Eye Coexist 3/15/2016

If one presents hand-in-hand with the other, use these tips to differentiate and resolve.
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Environmental Considerations: How The World and the Ocular Surface Relate 3/15/2016

Keeping in mind potential external factors can help you better regulate your patient’s eye health.

The GP Experts

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Springtime for Sclerals 3/15/2016

Once considered antiquated, this design has recently flourished as a way to help patients with ocular surface disease. 

Practice Progress

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Scratching the Itch 3/15/2016

Ocular allergies can complicate contact lens fittings. Here’s how to manage them.

Pharma Science & Practice

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A Firm Foundation 3/15/2016

New mucin-enhancing drug could support tear film stability from the ground up. 

Out of the Box

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Are You Allergic to Change? 3/15/2016

While getting past certain barriers to practice-building can take some effort, long-term benefits are worth it. 


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In Brief 3/15/2016

Here's a snapshot of what's happening in the industry.

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Promising New Dry Eye Therapy 3/15/2016

Human cells could hold a another potential dry eye treatment.

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Scleral Lens Treatment for Keratoconic Dry Eye? 3/15/2016

Scleral contact lenses could be used to treat short-term dry eye.

My Perspective

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Contact Lens Biosensors: Finding the Holy Grail? 3/15/2016 12:00:00 PM

“Data on demand” could revolutionize the care of patients with diabetes or glaucoma.
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