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Off on the Right Foot: Preparing the Patient for Scleral Lens Wear 4/15/2016

Are you fitting a first-timer? Keep these tips in mind for a smoother process.
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Scleral Lenses in Action: Solving Problems with Specialty Lenses 4/15/2016

These lenses are good for more than just the irregular cornea. Five cases illustrate their potential.
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Simple Tips for Troubleshooting Sclerals 4/15/2016

These lenses can pose unique challenges, especially for newcomers to the modality. Here’s how to improve chances of success.
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Scleral Lens Fitting: Once Rare, Now Routine? 3/15/2016

As these specialty lenses continue to gain in popularity, should they be adopted for wear in uncomplicated cases as well?

The GP Experts

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Happy Landings 4/15/2016 12:00:00 PM

Incorporating toricity into scleral lens designs may improve your fitting success. 


Practice Progress

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Sclerals: Easy as 1-2-3 4/15/2016

Advice new fitters and veterans alike can benefit from. 

Out of the Box

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To Do or Not to Do 4/15/2016

Start something new or stop doing something old? A three-question test to determine the right answer.


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Ozone, Humidity Shown to Be Factors in Dry Eye Disease 4/15/2016

Certain air pollutants may affect the ocular surface.
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What Increases the Need for Refractive Surgery Retreatment? 4/15/2016

Presence of pre-surgical factors could mean the difference between undergoing one treatment and three.
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In Brief 3/15/2016

Here's a snapshot of what's happening in the industry.

My Perspective

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Big Gains for Big Lenses 4/15/2016

Though sclerals are widely used today, is there any peril to their growing popularity? 

Corneal Consult

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Complications from a Corneal Issue 4/15/2016

How should one respond when immune deficiency disrupts the corneal healing response?
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