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Featured Articles

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Building a Foundation for a Better Future: ARVO 2016 Abstract Review 6/15/2016

An expert weighs in on new ideas in the field of cornea and contact lens care.
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Case Report: Look Before You Judge 6/15/2016

The most unique cases sometimes present as the most mundane.
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Contact Lens Use After Corneal Crosslinking 6/15/2016

An irregular cornea patient presents needing better vision following a corneal stabilization procedure. What do you do?
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Fitting Rigid Lenses After Refractive Surgery 6/15/2016

Corneal and scleral GP lenses cover the ‘last mile’ for patients who need correction after LASIK and PRK.
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Medically Necessary Contact Lenses: Medical Plan or Vision Plan Responsibility? 6/15/2016

Do you know how to work with insurance companies to achieve the biggest bang for your buck?
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Unusual Clinical Cases in Orthokeratology 6/15/2016

For the right patient, these lenses may be life-changing. Two challenging cases provide insights into the fitting process.

Practice Progress

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Brimonidine Breakup 6/15/2016

Consider these alternative uses for this common glaucoma treatment.

Pharma Science & Practice

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Recycling Cyclosporine 6/15/2016

New formulations of an old drug may mean better treatments for dry eye. 

Out of the Box

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Making the Best of It 6/15/2016

Sometimes the situation does not go the best way it can. Here’s how the right attitude can make the difference for your patients.


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Considering New Treatments for Neovascularization 6/15/2016

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In Brief 6/15/2016

Here's a snapshot of what's happening in the industry.
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Study on SPK Lesion Size May Lead to Better Equipment 6/15/2016

Research on lesion size in superficial punctate keratitis could mean better technology.

My Perspective

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Corneal Crosslinking: Its Time Has Come 6/15/2016

Though the main treatment for ectasia remains contact lens use, a new procedure could ease the fitting ordeal.

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