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September 2016


Featured Articles

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Antibiotics in Practice: Use, Don’t Abuse 9/15/2016

Resistant bacterial strains challenge eye doctors to be judicious in treatment. Here are several key trends to heed when setting a regimen.

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Beware the Biofilm 9/15/2016

What are practitioners doing to prevent this common formation and the risk it poses to contact lens wearers?
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Managing Contact Lens-Related Bacterial Infections 9/15/2016

When a patient at risk presents, how do you keep them free of problems?

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Targeted and Timely: The New Model of Dry Eye Care 9/15/2016

Point-of-care tests and advanced diagnostic imaging are helping doctors tackle it faster and more precisely than ever before.


Practice Progress

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Turning a Negative into a Positive 9/15/2016

Knowing your contact lens infections and how to keep patients happy is key to keeping them in the practice.

Pharma Science & Practice

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An Antibacterial Q&A 9/15/2016

New antibiotics are scarce—here’s why, and what’s being done about it.

Out of the Box

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Keeping Contact Lens Care In-House 9/15/2016

There’s no substitute for your clinical expertise—so don’t let patients find one. Make sure they know to contact you any time questions arise.


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News 9/15/2016

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

My Perspective

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Understanding the Contact Lens Prescription Release Legislation 9/15/2016

The next step in a legislative confrontation may mean better protection for lens wearers.

Corneal Consult

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Treating the Ocular Surface: Resistance is Futile 9/15/2016

The human microbiome supports our existence, but it also serves as the source of infection. Resistance is on the rise, and clinicians have to prescribe carefully. 
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