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Fitting Multifocal Contact Lenses for Myopia Control 2/17/2017

These practice pearls aid in myopia management, including avoiding onset and slowing progression in patients of all ages.
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10 Tips from an Orthokeratology Expert 2/15/2017

Don’t let misconceptions stop you from using this treatment modality that can provide a huge benefit to patients with myopia.
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Keys to a Pediatric Soft Lens Fitting 2/15/2017

From infancy to adolescence, contact lenses prove a viable and beneficial treatment option for a range of conditions.
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Myopia on the Move 2/15/2017

Steady growth in the prevalence of this deceptively simple condition will expose half the world’s population to visual impairment. Here’s what to expect and what we should do.
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Reshaping Ortho-k 2/15/2017

Toric lenses can expand myopia management to include patients with astigmatism.

The GP Experts

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Treating Infantile Aphakia: Think GPs 2/15/2017

This lens modality is a great alternative to soft contact lens correction.

The Big Picture

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Retained PK Sutures 2/15/2017

This graft patient showed suture fragments on follow-up. Is it a cause for concern?

Practice Progress

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Daily Disposables: Effective From Allergy to Astigmatism 2/15/2017

More patients than you might think can benefit from this contact lens modality.

Pharma Science & Practice

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Corneal Collagen Crosslinking: Not Just for Adults 2/15/2017

Treatment plans for pediatric patients with keratoconus may get an upgrade soon with this newly approved technology.


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News 2/15/2017

Corneal Collagen Crosslinking | Meibomian Gland dysfunction | Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty

My Perspective

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Get to Know Your Genes 2/15/2017

One day, genetic testing and gene therapy may help patients avoid corneal disease altogether.

Guest Editorial

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Combating Online Contact Lens Sales 2/15/2017

We must stand together to protect healthy vision and responsible enterprise.

Fitting Challenges

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The Right Lens for a Corneal Scar 2/15/2017

It’s not easy fitting a five-year-old with a specialty lens to correct irregular astigmatism.

Corneal Consult

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A New Year, a New Look at the Cornea 2/15/2017

Learning to recognize the processes that govern corneal health and function will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of pathologies and their treatments.
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