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Coping with Contact Lens Discomfort 2/15/2018

Lens material and solution choices are part of the equation, but there is more to be considered. Here’s how TFOS DEWS II can help.
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Look Out for Iatrogenic Dry Eye 2/15/2018

This article discusses new findings in iatrogenic dry eye and how you can use them to better serve your patients.
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Making the Diagnosis with the TFOS DEWS II 2/15/2018

Here’s how the report’s definition, classification system and diagnostic algorithm for dry eye can be used in your practice.
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The Global Burden of Dry Eye 2/15/2018

This article explores the clinical implications of new findings on the epidemiology of the disease and how they might help us diagnose and manage DED.
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The Tear Film: More Complex Than You May Realize 2/15/2018

What we once considered a three-part structure really has two highly interdependent layers in tenous balance, vulnerable to osmolarity and inflammatory changes.

The GP Experts

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CLD? Consider Ortho-K 2/15/2018

Although seldom considered, orthokeratology (ortho-K) is another viable option to prevent discomfort and subsequent discontinuation of contact lens wear.

The Big Picture

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Breaching the Border 2/15/2018

A 47-year-old male presented with a red, irritated left eye one month after being fit in scleral lenses to address visual disturbances from post-LASIK ectasia. He was diagnosed with herpes simplex virus (HSV) limbitis/stromal keratitis and started on fluorometholone (FML, Allergan) and valacyclovir (Valtrex, GlaxoSmithKline), both BID.

Practice Progress

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Sclerals: A Blueprint for Beginners 2/15/2018

Not only have scleral lenses altered the landscape of custom and specialty lenses, they have begun to compete with mainstream contact lens options. This beginner blueprint can help you get started fitting scleral lenses in your practice.

Pharma Science & Practice

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What’s New with Uveitis 2/15/2018

Not much has changed in the management of anterior uveitis over the last several decades. However, researchers have been studying the pathophysiology of the condition to better understand what could alter the disease course.


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News 2/15/2018

More than a year after proposing changes to the Contact Lens Rule, the Federal Trade Commission is answering pushback from the American Optometric Association, lawmakers, practitioners and other advocates with a public Contact Lens Rule Workshop on March 7 in Washington, DC. 

My Perspective

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The Clinical Implications of DEWS II 2/15/2018

This past July, TFOS released the second DEWS report (DEWS II), which expands on everything learned from the past 10 years of research. Here are some important aspects of DEWS II and the clinical implications they bring.

Fitting Challenges

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Double Trouble in Keratoconus 2/15/2018

Typically, patients with significant lenticular astigmatism are not the best candidates for non-toric rigid gas permeable lenses (RGPs). However, RGPs are often ideal for patients with keratoconus—leaving the clinician with some tough decisions when it comes to fitting contact lenses for patients with both conditions.

Corneal Consult

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MK: A Stealthy Opponent 2/15/2018

Differentiating microbial keratitis isn’t always cut-and-dry. These tips can help.
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