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Practice Progress

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A Hidden Opportunity  3/15/2018

To improve contact lens comfort, we must find strategies to optimize the ocular surface; based on recent reports, the eyelids might be a good place to start looking.
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Sclerals: A Blueprint for Beginners  2/15/2018

Not only have scleral lenses altered the landscape of custom and specialty lenses, they have begun to compete with mainstream contact lens options. This beginner blueprint can help you get started fitting scleral lenses in your practice.
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Let’s Make It Less Complex  11/15/2017

New scleral lens technology makes the fitting process more efficient than ever. Here’s a look at what has changed.

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Three GP Lenses to Grow Your Practice  9/15/2017

When we started out in practice, gas permeable (GP) lenses were a mainstay. Practitioners readily fit everyday patients for them, and both practitioners and patients saw them as normal. However, over the last 10 years, opinions surrounding GP lenses have shifted. For example, many patients and practitioners began to overlook the benefits of GP lenses as a result of the increased availability of ...
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A One-Two Punch to Beat Dry Eye  5/15/2017

The ocular surface is a remarkable system. When it functions properly, an adequate quantity and quality of tears help the eye remain unnoticed by the person as the lids spread the tears across the surface, allowing light to enter the eye through a smooth refractive surface. And on this normal functioning ocular surface, contact lenses provide a remarkable option for vision correction. But, ...
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Seeing the Cornea with OCT Eyes  3/15/2017

This diagnostic tool can provide advanced analysis of the anterior segment, corneal pachymetry and more.
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Daily Disposables: Effective From Allergy to Astigmatism  2/15/2017

More patients than you might think can benefit from this contact lens modality.
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Breaking Habits  11/15/2016

Remain current with technological advancement so your patients and practices can thrive.



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Put a Lid on CL Discomfort  10/15/2016

Know the signs, symptoms and treatment options for CLIDE and non-obvious MGD.


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Turning a Negative into a Positive  9/15/2016

Knowing your contact lens infections and how to keep patients happy is key to keeping them in the practice.

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Brimonidine Breakup  6/15/2016

Consider these alternative uses for this common glaucoma treatment.
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Boost Your Contact Lens Fits With Help from Your Staff  5/15/2016

A group effort can mean a stronger, more informed choice.
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Sclerals: Easy as 1-2-3  4/15/2016

Advice new fitters and veterans alike can benefit from. 

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Scratching the Itch  3/15/2016

Ocular allergies can complicate contact lens fittings. Here’s how to manage them.
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Solution Savers  2/15/2016

Lens care can make or break the contact lens experience for patients. Here's how to tip the odds in favor of success.
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New Kid on the Block  11/15/2015

Got a problem post-surgical patient? Try looking at the newest modalities for answers.


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Avoiding 'Tunnel Vision'  10/1/2015

Break the habit of narrowly defining patients by their chief complaint and you'll improve your opportunities to promote contact lens wear.
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Meet the Candidates  9/15/2015

More patients can wear contact lenses than you might think.
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