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CXL: A First-line Therapy for Keratoconus

Eye care professionals have a new leading treatment option to combat this disease.

Foggy with No Chance of Moisture

Poor front surface wettability and lens fogging can complicate scleral lens wear; identifying the cause can help you pick the right treatment strategy.

Get Started with Sclerals

Identifying candidates, picking a fitting set and knowing what to look for during a trial fitting will help you lay the groundwork for success.

Post-keratoplasty: Consider Sclerals

Corneal GP lenses have traditionally been a go-to option for these cases, but some patients may benefit from another modality.

Why Contact Lens Care Still Matters

Daily disposables may seem like a cure-all, but patient behavior doesn’t allow for such a simple solution. Here’s how to navigate today’s lens care environment.


Back for Seconds

A keratoconic patient developed corneal protein deposits, requiring keratectomy—twice.

Lend Color to the Fit

The transition from soft lenses to GPs can be difficult, but this creative solution could win over some of your patients.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids | Myopia | Cosmetic Products | CXL

ROCK and Whorl

Rhopressa may be a big help with glaucoma, but it could have some corneal side effects.

Safety First

As the FTC considers a change to the Contact Lens Rule, its priority should be the patient.

Sclerals: The New Normal?

This modality could be helpful for patients with healthy corneas, but concerns about its effect on corneal physiology still exist.

What’s Better for MK, One or Two?

Fluoroquinolone monotherapy can be just as effective as dual therapy for these cases.