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Contact Lens Care: Advice from an Expert

As we look to the future of contact lens safety, it’s important to remember our past and how it shaped our present.

Contact Lens-associated Red Eye: Causes and ...

These cases can be challenging, but they don’t always have to be.

Keratoprosthesis: When Standard Transplants Fail

Here’s what you need to know about this specialized procedure for treating blinding corneal disease when traditional therapies don’t work.

Combining Optics and Comfort: Piggyback and ...

Although scleral lenses are the new trend, some patients might do better with piggybacking and hybrid contact lenses to improve vision and comfort and maintain ...

Expand Your Horizons: Think GPs for Presbyopes

This article reviews multifocal GP lens designs, including new hybrid and scleral multifocal options, and how to best incorporate them in everyday optometric ...

Sclerals & GPs: How to Build a Better Lens ...

Scleral and gas permeable contact lenses have opened up a new realm of possibilities to provide patients with improved vision correction and relief for ...

Highlights from ARVO 2017: Abstract Review

It’s a fast-paced world, for sure. Health care is advancing daily, and we—and our patients—continue to enjoy the fruits of researchers’ ...

It's All About the Tear Film

We love our contact lenses. They improve our vision and looks while also helping us win on the athletic field. But we also hate our contact lenses, especially ...
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A new study recently published in Cornea adds to the ...
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Managing Corneal GP Complications

Become a troubleshooting master and your GP lens patients ...
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Extended Wear: Still an Option?

This modality was all the rage until concerns arose. Is it ...
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Keratoprosthesis: When Standard Transplants Fail

Here’s what you need to know about this specialized ...
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Rubbed the Wrong Way

Complications developed after epithelial debridement in a ...
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Gut Instinct

New research details the relationship between microbiota ...
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