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Corneal Ulcers: Sterile But Not Benign

Even if they aren’t infectious, these are no laughing matter. In fact, many ocular and systemic conditions might be at play.

Conjunctivitis: Making the Call

Good judgment and a comprehensive look beyond signs and symptoms are integral to knowing whether it’s allergic, bacterial or viral.

Fighting Corneal Infections With CXL: A New Ally?

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this newfound application before considering it an alternative treatment for keratitis.

Take the Anxiety out of Specialty Lens Fittings

Smarter clinical strategies and useful new technologies help ensure a smoother process.

Your Corneal Infection Care Questions—Answered

Here’s how you can overcome your top three microbial keratitis challenges.


Climb on the Health Bandwagon

Known primarily for their quality of vision, an easily overlooked benefit of GP lenses is their excellent ocular health profile.

Fungal Ulcers: Missed and Misunderstood

They may be less common, but they’re also more severe.

Hard Case, Hard Lenses

Although RGPs can be difficult to fit, the right technique can provide challenging patients clearer vision.

HZO: Prevention is the Best Therapy

Clinicians must participate in the discourse regarding the importance of vaccination.

Multifocals: A Roadmap to Success

A good presbyopic contact lens fit starts with communication—and ends with a well-informed patient.

Shape Shifter

If you see a ‘squiggle’ on the endothelium, what’s your first suspicion?

Continuing Education

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Corneal Ulcers: Sterile But Not Benign

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CXL A First-line Therapy for Keratoconus

March 2018  • 1.00 Credit

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