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Pharma Science & Practice

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What’s New with Uveitis  2/15/2018

Not much has changed in the management of anterior uveitis over the last several decades. However, researchers have been studying the pathophysiology of the condition to better understand what could alter the disease course.
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Juggling Dry Eye and Glaucoma  11/15/2017

Overlap increases as our patients age, so we need to be aware of how treatment of one disease affects the other.
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Know Your Systemic Drugs  9/15/2017

We are very familiar with the potential of certain oral medications to cause ocular sequelae such as hydroxychloroquine, prednisone, topiramate, tamoxifen and amiodarone. But could lesser-known medications cause ocular side effects? How would you know? Click below for more.
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Allergy and CLs: The Seasonal Battle  5/15/2017

Spring always comes with the good—warm weather and outdoor activities—and the bad—ocular allergies. Our offices see a noticeable uptick in complaints of itchy, watery, red eyes and an inability to wear contact lenses comfortably, if at all.
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Going, Going, Gone… Drops, That Is  3/15/2017

New treatment options for postoperative care of cataract surgery are minimizing the need for ophthalmic eye drops.
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Corneal Collagen Crosslinking: Not Just for Adults  2/15/2017

Treatment plans for pediatric patients with keratoconus may get an upgrade soon with this newly approved technology.
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Is a Sustained Medication Delivery System on the Horizon?  10/15/2016

Research reveals latanoprost-eluting contact lenses may one day replace daily eye drops. 


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An Antibacterial Q&A  9/15/2016

New antibiotics are scarce—here’s why, and what’s being done about it.
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Recycling Cyclosporine  6/15/2016

New formulations of an old drug may mean better treatments for dry eye. 
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A Firm Foundation  3/15/2016

New mucin-enhancing drug could support tear film stability from the ground up. 
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Dextenza on Deck  2/15/2016

Could the latest approach to steroid therapy conquer noncompliance once and for all?
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Lifitegrast in Limbo  11/15/2015

The FDA recently requested more data on this investigational dry eye drug. What’s known—and what’s next?
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Red Alert  10/1/2015

Adenoviral infections remain the number one cause of urgent care visits to eye care practitioners' offices.
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Pregnant Pause  9/15/2015

Updates to the FDA’s pregnancy drug categorization system mean changes for your practice.
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Cyclosporine — Not Just for Dry Eye?  5/15/2015

Literature suggests this immunosuppressant may be suited to treat more conditions than you might think.
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Anti-VEGF in the Anterior Segment  4/15/2015

Corneal neovascularization from contact lens overwear and other hypoxic events may respond to this posterior segment therapy. 
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