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Pharma Science & Practice

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Juggling Dry Eye and Glaucoma  11/15/2017

Overlap increases as our patients age, so we need to be aware of how treatment of one disease affects the other.
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Know Your Systemic Drugs  9/15/2017

We are very familiar with the potential of certain oral medications to cause ocular sequelae such as hydroxychloroquine, prednisone, topiramate, tamoxifen and amiodarone. But could lesser-known medications cause ocular side effects? How would you know? Click below for more.
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Allergy and CLs: The Seasonal Battle  5/15/2017

Spring always comes with the good—warm weather and outdoor activities—and the bad—ocular allergies. Our offices see a noticeable uptick in complaints of itchy, watery, red eyes and an inability to wear contact lenses comfortably, if at all.
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Going, Going, Gone… Drops, That Is  3/15/2017

New treatment options for postoperative care of cataract surgery are minimizing the need for ophthalmic eye drops.
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Corneal Collagen Crosslinking: Not Just for Adults  2/15/2017

Treatment plans for pediatric patients with keratoconus may get an upgrade soon with this newly approved technology.
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Is a Sustained Medication Delivery System on the Horizon?  10/15/2016

Research reveals latanoprost-eluting contact lenses may one day replace daily eye drops. 


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An Antibacterial Q&A  9/15/2016

New antibiotics are scarce—here’s why, and what’s being done about it.
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Recycling Cyclosporine  6/15/2016

New formulations of an old drug may mean better treatments for dry eye. 
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A Firm Foundation  3/15/2016

New mucin-enhancing drug could support tear film stability from the ground up. 
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Dextenza on Deck  2/15/2016

Could the latest approach to steroid therapy conquer noncompliance once and for all?
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Lifitegrast in Limbo  11/15/2015

The FDA recently requested more data on this investigational dry eye drug. What’s known—and what’s next?
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Red Alert  10/1/2015

Adenoviral infections remain the number one cause of urgent care visits to eye care practitioners' offices.
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Pregnant Pause  9/15/2015

Updates to the FDA’s pregnancy drug categorization system mean changes for your practice.
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Cyclosporine — Not Just for Dry Eye?  5/15/2015

Literature suggests this immunosuppressant may be suited to treat more conditions than you might think.
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Anti-VEGF in the Anterior Segment  4/15/2015

Corneal neovascularization from contact lens overwear and other hypoxic events may respond to this posterior segment therapy. 
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A Sneak Peek at Next-gen Drugs to Treat Allergic Conjunctivitis  3/15/2015

Researchers continue to make strides in reducing the impact of this common condition. Here’s a look at the latest steps.
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Bug Eyes  1/15/2015

Are you fully considering Demodex in your work-ups and treatment decisions?
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