Dry Eye


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Look Out for Iatrogenic Dry Eye

Surgery, medications and contact lenses are just some of the ways a doctor’s care can induce DED. Here’s what DEWS II recommends to prevent it.

Coping with Contact Lens Discomfort

Lens material and solution choices are part of the equation, but there is more to be considered. Here’s how TFOS DEWS II can help.

The Tear Film: More Complex Than You May Realize

What we once considered a three-part structure really has two highly interdependent layers in tenous balance, vulnerable to osmolarity and inflammatory changes.

Making the Diagnosis with the TFOS DEWS II

Here’s how the report’s definition, classification system and diagnostic algorithm for dry eye can be used in your practice.

The Global Burden of Dry Eye

This pervasive disease flourishes in the presence of MGD, especially in those made susceptible by age, sex, ethnicity and environment. Knowing these risk factors allows earlier intervention.

The Clinical Implications of DEWS II

Highlights: a retooled classification system and elevated awareness of neuropathic pain.

A War on Two Fronts: Combat Dry Eye and Allergy in Contact Lens Wearers

Preventing contact lens dropout in patients with multiple complications can be challenging, but these tips and tricks can help.

Five Ways to Connect Lens Care with Comfort

Finding a lens care system that fits your patients’ needs while maintaining comfort can be tricky, but these tips can help.

Highlights from ARVO 2017: Abstract Review

Dive into some new cornea and contact lens care studies with the help of an expert.