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5 Real-world Contact Lens Care Problems

Poor lens care and handling practices can lead to infections, drop-outs and even vision loss. Here’s how you can help patients avoid them.

How to Get Ahead of Presbyopia

Intervening earlier on is key in successfully working through this inevitable condition.

Multifocal Optics Explored

Recent research may give insight on how to better implement these lenses for presbyopic patients.

Presbyopia Treatment: Current and Future Options

Make sure you’re in the know about long-term solutions for the condition.

When Presbyopia & Astigmatism Collide

A multitude of contact lens options exist for the independent correction of astigmatism and presbyopia. Let’s discuss the options when these occur simultaneously.


Coronavirus: Ready for the Questions

Following these preparative measures will help minimize risk and keep patients at ease.

Early Adopter, Chronic Sufferer

A 1990s LASIK patient’s troubled course continues nearly 30 years later.

Little Eyes, Big Solutions

Pediatric specialty contact lenses make a world of difference in this younger patient population.

Managing Presbyopia With Sclerals

With this patient population, it is vital to manage expectations.

Presbyopia: Knowing is Half the Battle

Many of these patients require some type of refractive correction but aren’t even aware of their contact lens options.

When a Red Eye Prompts a Red Alert

Be on the lookout for neoplastic ocular surface lesions and know proper management techniques if you run into one.

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