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Five Conjunctival Findings to Look Out for in Contact Lens Wearers

Learn the basics so you can better manage these conditions in your patients.

Irregular Corneas Meet Their Match With GP Lenses

This modality can provide solutions and improve vision in these unique cases.

Lids and Lenses: Three Snags to Fitting Success

Surgical and anatomical complications could throw a wrench in your contact lens fitting process. Here’s what to keep in mind.

Soft or Scleral Lenses for Dry Eye Patients?

Determine the best option that treats your patient’s symptoms and expectations.

The How and Why of Contact Lens Deposits

Optometrists need a comprehensive understanding of this complication to help patients avoid it.


Embrace the Oddballs

Better serving your more difficult cases will prove to be highly beneficial.

Fixing Ocular Surface Impediments

Corneal staining and lens non-wetting are common complications that refitting and proper hygiene education can help resolve.

Time to Rethink Trial Lens Safety?

When handling the same contacts with multiple patients, remember these in-office tips.

Vessels Sound the Alarm

These painful eyes need steroids—and immunosuppressives when they fall short.

When Lashes, Not Lenses, are the Problem

Demodex is common in patients with rosacea and can really throw a wrench in contact lens wear.

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The How and Why of Contact Lens Deposits

February 2020  • 2.00 Credits

Blink Mechanics: Why it Matters

November 2019  • 1.00 Credit

Unlocking the Mystery of Corneal Dystrophies

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