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An Evidence-Based Approach to Gas Permeable Lenses

The CLEAR study offers ODs a comprehensive review of current literature.

Fighting Mail Order Contact Lenses

Although steps have been made to combat online sellers, this is still an ongoing challenge that continues to impact optometric practices.

Make Contact Lens Discomfort Extinct

Manage expectations and follow the steps below to reduce or eliminate this bothersome condition.

Using Topography to Guide Your CL Fits

Learn the maps and images that can best visualize any issues prior to placement or troubleshooting.


Behold the Benefits of Bitoric Lenses

Optimized base curves and a custom optic zone diameter provide superior vision.

The Power of Presbyopia Drops

Examine the pros and cons of available and forthcoming options.

The Unkindest Cut

A case of longstanding visual fluctuation from overzealous RK surgery decades prior.

To Culture or Not to Culture?

Let’s break down how to properly diagnose and treat corneal ulcers.

Troubleshooting Hybrid Lenses

A guide to working through the common problem of adherence with this modality.

Continuing Education

February 2022  • 2.00 Credits

Trends in Infectious Keratitis

December 2021  • 2.00 Credits

Managing Contact Lens Associated Red Eye

February 2021  • 2.00 Credits

The Consequences of Corneal Endothelial Compromise

November 2020  • 2.00 Credits

Herpes Simplex Keratitis: Managing the Masquerader

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