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Blink Mechanics: Why it Matters

This incredibly important function has huge implications for dry eye and contact lens wear, especially when it goes awry.

Colored Contacts: More Than a Pretty Eye

These lenses have both therapeutic and prosthetic applications.

Managing Irregular Corneas With Soft Lenses

Clinical observations will aid in choosing a lens design that offers the appropriate features.

Overcoming Post-op Contact Lens Challenges

Follow this step-by-step approach when fitting specialty lenses.


Contact Lenses for the Compromised Cornea

This modality offers a solution for a handful of different ocular conditions.

Last Line of Defense

A descemetocele leaves nothing but a thin membrane to protect the eye from perforation.

No Pain, No Gain

Learn how corneal anesthesia complicated this neurotrophic ulcer case.

Old Mainstays Can Save the Day

Understanding a patient’s visual expectations can help you make the most out of simple solutions.

Our Ongoing Mission

Important concerns remain for contact lens–related corneal infections.

Rosacea: A Double Whammy

Here’s how scleral lens wear helped this patient.

Continuing Education

February 2020  • 2.00 Credits

Blink Mechanics: Why it Matters

November 2019  • 1.00 Credit

Unlocking the Mystery of Corneal Dystrophies

June 2019  • 1.00 Credit

Pathologic Causes of Irregular Astigmatism

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