The GP Experts

Go Deeper With Annual Evaluations

There might be something going on beneath the patient’s claim of feeling fine.

Evidence-based Resources Amid COVID-19

Select advice can be useful in the clinic for patient education, while other information may contain background reading to educate yourself on best practices during the pandemic.

Fixing Ocular Surface Impediments

Corneal staining and lens non-wetting are common complications that refitting and proper hygiene education can help resolve.

Managing Presbyopia With Sclerals

With this patient population, it is vital to manage expectations.

Old Mainstays Can Save the Day

Understanding a patient’s visual expectations can help you make the most out of simple solutions.

GPs: Now and Beyond

A conversation with prolific GP expert Ed Bennett, OD, on what these lenses still have to offer.

Dead Set on Sclerals

Consider these options before choosing a scleral lens fitting set.

Spirits in the Material World

What a lens is made of has huge implications for your ability to achieve a successful fit.

Finding the Perfect Alignment

Understand the invaluable technology that can make lens fitting more efficient.

A Reliable Post-PK Option

Scleral lenses are growing in popularity, but GPs have long been a mainstay in managing the complex corneas of these patients.