The GP Experts

Dead Set on Sclerals

Consider these options before choosing a scleral lens fitting set.

Spirits in the Material World

What a lens is made of has huge implications for your ability to achieve a successful fit.

Finding the Perfect Alignment

Understand the invaluable technology that can make lens fitting more efficient.

A Reliable Post-PK Option

Scleral lenses are growing in popularity, but GPs have long been a mainstay in managing the complex corneas of these patients.

Spice it Up With Specialty Lenses

Revitalize your practice and learn the services available that can improve your patients’ quality of life.

Climb on the Health Bandwagon

Known primarily for their quality of vision, an easily overlooked benefit of GP lenses is their excellent ocular health profile.

Sclerals: The New Normal?

This modality could be helpful for patients with healthy corneas, but concerns about its effect on corneal physiology still exist.

Avoid the Near Miss

Understanding GP multifocal lens designs and how the patient’s anatomy influences the choice can help you provide spectacle independence for both reading and distance acuity.

CLD? Consider Ortho-K

An unusual suggestion, but it may work for some patients with contact lens discomfort.

Managing Corneal GP Complications

Become a troubleshooting master and your GP lens patients will reap the benefits.