GPs and Sclerals

Fitting the Irregular Cornea: Nuts and Bolts

Here's a beginner's guide to help get you started.

The More the Merrier

When an out-of-the-ordinary case presents, make sure you have options to fall back on.

Spirits in the Material World

What a lens is made of has huge implications for your ability to achieve a successful fit.

Four Contact Lens Complications to Combat

Any one of these could cause significant visual problems, so do your best to be proactive to prevent further damage.

Finding the Perfect Alignment

Understand the invaluable technology that can make lens fitting more efficient.

A Reliable Post-PK Option

Scleral lenses are growing in popularity, but GPs have long been a mainstay in managing the complex corneas of these patients.

Making Sense of Scleral Lens Materials

With so many options on the market, it’s hard to make the right choice for each patient. These tips can help.

Spice it Up With Specialty Lenses

Revitalize your practice and learn the services available that can improve your patients’ quality of life.

Do You Follow These Fitting Principles?

Supplementing the clinical experience with fitting guides will help you keep your custom contact lens patients happy.

Hard Case, Hard Lenses

Although RGPs can be difficult to fit, the right technique can provide challenging patients clearer vision.