Irregular Cornea

When Presbyopia & Astigmatism Collide

A multitude of contact lens options exist for the independent correction of astigmatism and presbyopia. Let’s discuss the options when these occur simultaneously.

Managing Irregular Corneas With Soft Lenses

Clinical observations will aid in choosing a lens design that offers the appropriate features.

Last Line of Defense

A descemetocele leaves nothing but a thin membrane to protect the eye from perforation.

Contact Lenses for the Compromised Cornea

This modality offers a solution for a handful of different ocular conditions.

Hot Topics in Bacterial Keratitis

Understanding common pathogens and effective treatments is essential in managing these patients with the most successful results.

Take On Neurotrophic Keratitis With These Clinical Tools

The more it progresses, the more challenging it becomes, so early detection and diagnosis are key.

Unlocking the Mystery of Corneal DystrophiesC.E.

Optometrists are often the first to detect the clues and sleuth out the diagnosis of corneal dystrophies.

The ABCs of EBMD

Although the presentation of epithelial basement membrane dystrophy may be subtle, its visual outcomes may not be.

Getting Astigmatism in Focus with Advanced Imaging

Four cases provide insight into diagnosing and managing patients with the latest options.

Pathologic Causes of Irregular AstigmatismC.E.

Thin is in—but not in the cornea. Here’s a rundown of non-inflammatory corneal thinning disorders that lead to irregular astigmatism.