Corneal Consult

When Scleritis is Infectious

This destructive form of the disease requires early identification and aggressive treatment for the best chance at preserving vision.

When a Red Eye Prompts a Red Alert

Be on the lookout for neoplastic ocular surface lesions and know proper management techniques if you run into one.

No Pain, No Gain

Learn how corneal anesthesia complicated this neurotrophic ulcer case.

Herpetic Keratouveitis Front to Back

Don’t forget to check the posterior segment to catch the worst manifestation.

Keep an Eye Out

Lisch corneal dystrophy is rare, but its unique appearance aids in its diagnosis.

Trust the Process

Double-digit cylinder in a post-transplant eye can be daunting, but surgery can bring the number back down to earth and contact lenses can handle the rest.

When All Else Fails

Time and topical medications fell short of providing relief for this pyogenic granuloma patient, leaving only one option: surgery.

Was it a Failure or Rejection?

Identifying the right differential in a troubled transplant patient makes a world of difference when determining corrective action.

A Disease in Disguise

Acanthamoeba keratitis may resemble other conditions, making it difficult to catch early enough to preserve visual function.

Fungal Ulcers: Missed and Misunderstood

They may be less common, but they’re also more severe.