Practice Progress

Success Starts With Communication

Sclerals are their own type of lens and must be presented accordingly to set realistic patient expectations right off the bat.

Special Considerations for Specialty Lenses

Follow these four strategies for the best shot at success.

Five Ways to Optimize the Contact Lens Experience

Follow these for more successful visual outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Don’t be Nearsighted About Myopia

With the groundbreaking new resources available, there’s no excuse not to take advantage of myopia management.

Treating Presbyopia: An Armamentarium of Options

There’s no lack of methods—just a lack of motivation among many. Patients deserve a chance.

Multifocals: A Roadmap to Success

A good presbyopic contact lens fit starts with communication—and ends with a well-informed patient.

A Hidden Opportunity

Pay attention to the eyelids—they can help us improve contact lens wear for our patients.

Sclerals: A Blueprint for Beginners

With simple in-office tools and a few reliable lab partners, you’ll be on your way.

Let’s Make It Less Complex

New scleral lens technology makes the fitting process more efficient than ever. Here’s a look at what has changed.

Three GP Lenses to Grow Your Practice

Make the most of your available options, and your practice will reap the benefits.