November/December 2019

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Corneal Consult

Herpetic Keratouveitis Front to Back

Don’t forget to check the posterior segment to catch the worst manifestation.

Fitting Challenges

The “Wow” Starts Now

Correcting residual astigmatism can be the difference between a good visual outcome and a great one.

My Perspective

New Contacts, Same Old Mistakes

Besides learning from the consequences, how can patients better understand compliance?

Practice Progress

The ABCs of EBMD

Although the presentation of epithelial basement membrane dystrophy may be subtle, its visual outcomes may not be.

The Big Picture

A Knotty Problem

Sutures pose a challenge for contact lens fitting, necessitating an elevation-specific design.

The GP Experts

GPs: Now and Beyond

A conversation with prolific GP expert Ed Bennett, OD, on what these lenses still have to offer.